OSBI: Adair County Brothers Arrested in Relation to Assault of Woman

Adair County deputies have arrested a man they say is responsible for the assault and battery of a woman last weekend.

According to a press release from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI), David Tush, 37, and his brother Scotty Tush, 47, were arrested Saturday morning at a home near Highway 59 in Adair County.

David was arrested on warrant in relation to a the assault and battery of a 35-year-old woman last weekend. His brother Scotty was also arrested at the home on a warrant out of Arkansas.

A woman was also arrested for harboring the brothers but she was released Saturday. According to the Sheriff's office, District Attorney Josh King will not be pressing charges against the woman, who they identified as Gladys Harrington.

KTUL previously reported that the woman had been beaten and then driven home by her attacker. The next morning she sought help from a neighbor. She was released from an Arkansas hospital earlier this week, according to the OSBI.

The brothers have both been booked in Adair County jail and are held without bond according to the Adair County Sheriff's office.

Charges were specified as pending against David Tush on April 1 for assault and battery with a deadly weapon and vehicle theft. Those lead to an arrest warrant being issued on April 4, according to the Oklahoma State Courts Network (OSCN) web site.

According to Adair County Sheriff's office, Scotty is also being held in relation to last week's assault. Both have been charged and convicted of assault in the past.

In October 2007, David was convicted of assault and received a 30-day suspended sentence.

In February 2014, a case in which he was accused of knowingly assaulting and battering a pregnant woman was dismissed 5 years after the charges were filed because the victim was unwilling to cooperate with the prosecution.

Two other assault cases against David were also dismissed.

Scotty has been convicted of assault and battery three times.

In March 2007 he was convicted in two separate assault cases. In one, he received suspended sentences totaling one year and three months and in the other he received a three-year deferred sentence for domestic assault and battery by strangulation.

He was also convicted of felony assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in January 2012, for which he received a two-year suspended sentence.

While charges were specified against David on April 1st in order to issue an arrest warrant, neither David nor Scotty Tush have been formally charged in the assault that took place last week.