OSBI Assisting After Officer-Involved Shooting in Okmulgee Leaves One Dead

OSBI agents have been called to assist the Okmulgee Police Department after an officer-involved shooting early Thursday morning. Police stated that the fatal shooting happened around 2 a.m. after an officer attempted to make a traffic stop on a driver in the area of 4th and Woodlawn. According to a release, the officer and the suspect then became involved in a pursuit. Several other officers were called on scene at the time. "The driver exited the vehicle with a firearm," the release described. "Police shot and killed the man." Officials stated that the suspect was fatally shot in the 1300 block of East 1st Street. At this time, it is unknown how many officers fired their weapons at the suspect. "It sends chills down your spine pretty much," said apartment resident Ron Sanford. He heard the suspect and police cars drive on the lawn around his apartment.Residents said the man crashed into a fence before getting out of his vehicle. Manager of Turning Leaf Apartments, Connie Clevenger, said the man did not live at the complex and had no reason to be there."I hope this doesn't have any bad outcome for the complex, because I work here, I want it to be safe. There's children running around. I really think it's a safe atmosphere. You can have anything happen anywhere," Clevenger said.Agents with OSBI are now on scene to interview witnesses and process the scene. OSBI will prepare a report to give to the district attorney to determine whether the deadly force was necessary. The suspect's body is being transported to the state medical examiner's officer for an autopsy. No names have been given at this time. More information is expected in this case.
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