Man Charged In Weleetka Girls' Murders

A man who was arrested earlier this year in connection with the death of his girlfriend has now been charged in connection with the murders of two young girls near Weleetka more than three years ago. Prosecutors in Okfuskee County charged 25-year-old Kevin Sweat with first-degree murder Friday.{}He's accused in the shootings of 13-year-old Taylor Placker and 11-year-old Skyla Whitaker, whose bodies were found along a rural road near Weleetka on June 8, 2008. Officials say they conducted more than 650 interviews and chased down nine hundred leads

900 leads and performed 19-thousand forensic tests on eight hundred pieces of evidence collected during the course of the three-year investigation.The OSBI is continuing to search for the murder weapon, a .40 Glock model 22 with serial number EKG463US, which is thought to have been sold at a gun show in Tulsa in March. A five-thousand dollar reward is being offered for the firearm. The OSBI continues to urge anyone with information about this case to call 1-800-522-8017.{} Sweat was arrested and charged in the murder of his girlfriend, Ashley Taylor, over the summer. Sweat and Ashley were engaged and on their way to New Orleans to get married. But Ashley's Aunt thinks it was all part of a wicked plan. "I think, he was just trying to throw everybody off for a couple of weeks, you know. That's what he was doing, cause he told other people they were going to Arizona to get married," Regenia Carter told Tulsa's Channel 8 last month. When the family realized Ashley was missing, her cousins sought answers but say they got a lot more than that. "They said, you better not have done anything to my cousin. You probably killed the Weleetka girls and maybe your brother, and they said, he just had an evil look and said, I did not kill my brother but he didn't say anything about Ashley," says Taylor. Taylor says, Sweat told them, that he had sold a gun, just like the one used in the Weleetka murders but she never thought he would harm Ashley. "When he was here with her, he was real loving. Calling her sweetie, just hug her, just seemed like a normal guy," says Taylor. But for Ashley's family it's not about what Sweat might have done. They want Ashley's remains back from investigators. "Nothing will every be the same, but it will help to have closure. So, we can put Ashley away and have a funeral or whatever we can have," says Carter. Kevin Sweat remains jailed in Seminole County.