OSU Adopts New Travel Policy Following Fatal Plane Crash

A new travel policy was approved by Oklahoma State University Board of Regents Friday, Nov. 30.

After the deaths of four OSU employees last November, including women's basketball head coach Kurt Budke and assistant coach Miranda Serna, the University created a task force to research the travel policy that was in place at the time.

OSU had a specific Team Travel policy, but coaches were able to use their own discretion when traveling for University business, according to the Task Force's report.

In 2001, a crash resulting in the death of ten men with the OSU's men's basketball team a revision of the team travel policy took place, but specified only for students.

The policy was in practice for over ten years and according to the report "...was clarified in 2004 and was in place in November, 2011."

The new policy is applicable to all OSU employees and even student employees "on official University business."

To read the entire employee travel policy click here.

According to the University's Director of Communications Gary Shutt, the policy will go into effect immediately, however it will take a few months before everything is in order.

The policy outlines travel requirements for travel by motor vehicle, public, charter and private aircrafts.

Private aircrafts must be approved through the policy and the pilots must fulfill certain requirements for the types of aircrafts they are flying.

Contracted aircrafts and pilots must have:
-Commercial Pilot Certificate
-Instrument rate
-Current and appropriate Medical Certificate
-Current and qualified in aircraft type
-Full-time employment as a pilot
-1,000 hours as Pilot in Command
-Minimum 100 hours in aircraft type

The University now has two policies in place, one for students and athletes, the other solely for OSU employees.