OSU Assistant Ray Discusses Cowboy Wide Receivers

The Oklahoma State football team held its seventh practice Thursday at the Sherman E. Smith Training Facility, practicing in full pads for approximately two hours. Receivers coach Jason Ray talked about the practice session and the development of the Cowboy receivers. His comments:

Receivers Coach Jason Ray

On today's practice

"I think practice went really well today. The guys were flying around with a lot of effort today. That's what we're asking the guys to do right now, to give a good effort. If we can do that, we're going to be a better football team."

On seeing progress with the receivers

"There has been progress. It has been a week in. Right now, what I've noticed is that camp legs are starting to show up a little bit, so it's important that these kids continue to hydrate and do the right things nutritionally. The effort's there, and we've got a great group from an attitude standpoint. That's half the battle. Our guys come to work every day, and now they've got to do their things off the field after practice, like re-hydrate and things like that. There's a lot of great progress."

On if any receivers have separated themselves in a talented group

"You know, I think Jhajuan [Seales] is doing really well, David Glidden's doing really well and Brandon Shepard. It's just a number of guys that I could go down on a list who continue to get better. We preach to that group that they have to continue to get better every single day and give us great effort, enthusiasm and body language. If they can do those things and beat the heat, then the heat's not even a factor. From a separation standpoint, I think everybody has been pretty steady and has steadily been getting better. We look at it as a group effort and a group unit getting better, and I think they've all made progress in that way."

On what he'd like to see improve most before the season opener

"From the receiving core, just continuing to catch the ball consistently and make sure we make those tough catches. Right now, it's easy for us to catch the ball when there isn't anybody draped on us, but we've got to make those tough catches and make those catches that we call '50-50 balls,' where you're going up against a defender and you've got to come down with it. So, finishing plays and making those tough catches. When we do that, we'll be a pretty good unit. We've got to continue to get better."

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