OSU Fans Speak Out Before First Home Game Since Allegations Published

Sports Illustrated's 'The Dirty Game' articles may be shedding negative light on Oklahoma State's football program, but it didn't stop the fans from making their way to Stillwater, for the university's first home game since the allegations were published.

Speaking with tailgaters on the OSU campus before the Cowboys' match up with Lamar, the scandal was never far from fans' minds, with plenty to say for Sports Illustrated. "Well, I knew that I had canceled my subscription about three weeks prior to this coming out for a reason and this was a good reason to have done it," said OSU alum, Rick Waddell, tailgating with family and friends.

The skepticism was not hard to come by with fellow tailgater, Matt Waddell saying, "Some of it may be true, but I don't believe a lot of it, either," adding, "Most of us don't want to believe players are receiving money and things like that. Maybe they are and maybe they aren't -- It's not for us to decide, it's for the university to try to figure it out."

Rick Waddell called the magazine's reporting a "witch hunt" and does not think the allegations against the program are true, saying those speaking out against the university's football program may have past issues. "If you hunt out just the ones who are disgruntled and mad or angry because they might not have gotten to play or, for whatever reason, you're going to get negative comments," Waddell said.

The Sports Illustrated will wrap its coverage on Tuesday with a look at the "fallout" from the allegations.