OSU Previews Matchup With West Virginia

Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy and members of the team visited with the media Monday at Boone Pickens Stadium to put a cap on last week's game at Kansas State and to look ahead to this week's contest against West Virginia.

The Cowboys and Mountaineers kick-off at 2:30 PM Saturday, and can be seen on Tulsa's Channel 8.

Head Coach Mike Gundy

Opening Statement:

"We're looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow. We had the players in last night and finished up the last game. We're looking forward to coming up with the new game plan. This will be a really good game. This is a very talented team. I think this group on offense is probably the most talented and athletically skilled set of players that we've faced this year. Obviously they've had a lot of success. Their quarterback is a good player. It will be a great challenge for our defense and a great challenge for our team. We will certainly need every bit of Tuesday and Wednesday's practice and Thursday's polish to get ready for the game this weekend."

On West Virginia's offense:

"No question they're well-rounded. They throw for a lot of yards and they run for a lot of yards. Their quarterback still has an unbelievable touchdown to interception ratio. His interception to incompletions ratio is pretty incredible. The running backs are successful in gaining yards and we have to run to the ball and be good of defense."

On familiar faces on the other sideline:

"Once you get into a game, it's not much different than any other game. They are much more familiar with us than we are with them. They've been here. We only know them, we don't know their players. Once the game gets going, in most cases you actually forget who's on the other side."

On Dana Holgorsen:

"Dana was good for us. When we made the transition three years ago, it was good that we were able to make a smooth transition and be able to put up some good offensive numbers and score some points. It was good that he was able to come in here. We learned a lot from his system."

On the defense in the loss to Kansas State:

"What we said after the game was five turnovers, 240 yards in returns, poor tackling and not protecting the quarterback, those are ingredients for not winning a game, much less to a team that's second in the country on the road. There really weren't any bright spots in my opinion. If there was, it would be that if you score at the end of the game with two minutes and twenty seconds and you're within a touchdown after all that. I was disappointed in our coaches and I was disappointed in our players. I go back to the same philosophy that I was a while back. If you think you coach well, just turn the tape on and watch. Obviously we didn't coach very well. Our plan we thought was good, but our players didn't get it and we didn't execute. It was a lost opportunity for us. We can't do anything about it. That's the way it is in college football. We just have to keep moving forward. Our players will come back tomorrow and work hard and our coaches are working hard today. We've just got to press on."

On Tavon Austin and West Virginia's return game:

"We can't stress any more than what we faced during the week. That's why I'm expressing some disappointment. I was disappointed after the game, I was disappointed yesterday and I'm disappointed today. When I was in here last week, I talked about return yards, turnovers and making big plays while limiting theirs. All we did out of those was limit their big plays. They hit us with a double move on Gilbert, but for the most part, the percentage of big plays they've had, we limited those. But we failed on turnovers, we failed on tackling and we failed on return yards. What we have to do is prepare, practice it, make sure the players understand it and play with great effort. The guy we played last week is really good. This guy is a different really good. There's times he gets big returns, and he doesn't even go where they blocked it. He's special. He reminds me of Perrish Cox."

On Clint Chelf's performance:

"I was very proud of Clint. Unfortunately, I've had to say a couple times this year that I'm proud of whoever was out there. I was thrilled with what Wes did, then I was thrilled with what J.W. did, then Wes came back and played well, but he did not play very well in the first half up there. Then Clint comes in for the first time ever when it counted for the most part, and handled it very well. He made a poor throw at the end that was intercepted, but before that, he threw the ball very well, was mobile, ran the ball effectively and his reads were pretty good. I was most pleased with his demeanor and how he handled himself. We've been very fortunate to have three quarterbacks play this season that have zero experience, and for the most part, handle themselves fairly well in some pressure-packed situations."

Offensive Coordinator Todd Monken

On keeping up with West Virginia's high-powered offense:

"They were much better last week. That's obvious on film. So I would guess it would be silly for them to change from what worked last week. The bottom line is we have to play good football, not turn it over and put a number of plays together that give us a chance to score"

On West Virginia's defense:

"They're playing a lot of new guys and they have a new defensive staff for the most part. Sometimes you don't know your guys as well until they play against other people. You think you know in practice, but the sample size is so small, you don't know. I'm sure they went through some of that, but they have good coaches and good players. It's just like us--trying to figure out what you do well, be able to practice it and then play that way."

On going against former OSU coaches now on West Virginia's staff:

"It goes both ways. What we do and what they do are pretty similar. I know Joe DeForest and them are running more three-down lineman sets. That's probably more along the lines of what they have done and what they've recruited to. They know our guys and know our players. We don't have anybody here who knows their guys, but that's neither here nor there. We just have to play good football on both sides of the ball and not turn it over."

On the issues OSU has faced at quarterback this season:

"It's just about getting reps. We were lucky enough that when we came out of spring I thought we had three good quarterbacks. I said that then and I really meant it. There wasn't a large margin between them--each sample size was so small. Clint Chelf had never played in a game that was on the line and the other two sure as heck hadn't. Whether Clint had thrown four touchdowns and led us to victory or thrown four interceptions, the sample size is still the same. You take what you have and make the best decision you can make."

Defensive Coordinator Bill Young

On Geno Smith:

"He's a Heisman candidate. I know he's had a couple bad games, but he has several games left here. Anything can happen in those four games. The Heisman can really go week to week. We'll have our hands full with him."

On coaching against Dana Holgorsen:

"He's a heck of a football coach and knows that offense as well as anybody out there. It'll be a challenge for us as defensive coaches to get our guys in the right spots and slow them down. "

On whether K-State's non-offensive TD's made the score misleading from a defensive performance standpoint:

"We didn't perform well enough. At times we did well, and at times we struggled. We just have to do a better job. As far as turnovers are concerned, we had an opportunity to get turnovers ourselves and we have to do that. We have to match our opponent in turnovers or get more of them. That's how we challenge our players. We want to outplay their defense instead of outplay their offense."

On Daytawion Lowe:

"Daytawion has done a great job since he stepped on campus as a freshman. We had to redshirt him as a sophomore because of an injury, but we've been really happy to have him back last year and this year. He's just done a good job for us all the way around, leadership-wise and playing-wise."

Wide Receiver Josh Stewart

On Clint Chelf's performance:

"Clint's a great player. I've enjoyed playing with him ever since I got here. He can throw well and he can get out of the pocket. We're not worried at all if he is going to be our starting quarterback for the rest of the season. He'll be fine. You can tell he learned a lot from Brandon Weeden. He's in there telling us to not give up and to get back in there and score. We all tried to come back in that game for him."

On if he feels the team could have beaten Kansas State:

"There are a lot of things we did that we could have done better that could have definitely changed the outcome of that game. With most of the stuff you see on TV, most people are going to think the interceptions are all Wes Lunt's fault, but it's also on us receivers. We might have not taken as many steps as we should have on a route and little things like that. There's definitely things we could have fixed to make the game closer."

On how he feels about the offense despite going through three different quarterbacks:

"Our offense is a good deal, but we could still do better. There are a lot of things that we haven't done our complete best with. We should be looking even better as an offense because we haven't been doing some things right. We're happy about our offense, but at the same time we're not because we lost. We're going to keep moving on and keep trying to get better."

Fullback Kye Staley

On Clint Chelf coming into the game and providing a spark for the offense:

"Clint was great out there. He was a great leader in the huddle. He kept telling us to never give up, never give up. We all knew that we could have made that game a lot closer than it was and he was the main guy behind that."

On moving on from the loss and preparing for West Virginia this week:

"West Virginia has a really good offense just like Kansas State, so we're going to prepare almost the same way as we always do. We're going to watch our film, listen to our coaches and create a game plan that will give us a win if we execute. Kansas State is a good team, so we can't take that loss and worry about it. We have to move on and go out and win the next one."

On limiting turnovers on the offense:

"Good teams aren't going to make mistakes, so once we stop making mistakes we will be a much better team. You can't blame anyone for turnovers because every offensive play involves every single man on the offense. The only thing we can do is work hard this week and go out there and execute our plays."

Offensive Lineman Lane Taylor

On moving on from the loss at Kansas State:

"It's always tough to lose one. You want to win them all, but unfortunately it didn't happen. We'll be excited for this game and ready to go. It will be fun going against our old offensive coordinator."

On Clint Chelf's performance:

"Clint did well. We hadn't really gotten to see him thrown into battle yet, but he stepped in there and did a great job."

On going against Dana Holgorsen:

"It's just another opponent. We want to beat every opponent. So we're going to go out there and practice the same way we do every other week."

Safety Daytawion Lowe

On West Virginia WR Tavon Austin:

"He's a great, explosive receiver, but the key for us is going to be us playing assignment football. I look at it as a great challenge, and our defense is going to be up for the challenge."

On how playing Kansas State prepared the defense for West Virginia's offense:

"It definitely will help us. That's a great group of receivers. I think it's going to be a new challenge because Collin Klein is a different athlete than Geno Smith is. It's going to be very different for us. We're going to need to buckle down and focus on our assignments."

On stopping West Virginia's high-powered offense:

"We're going to have to play a complete game. It's going to take the whole defense for us to go out and get this win. They're a good offense. They're explosive. They run and pass, so our defensive linemen are going to have to get pressure, and the secondary is going to have to fill our gaps and make plays."

Kicker/punter Quinn Sharp

On the loss to Kansas State:

"It's a tough one to swallow, especially with the way we played overall as a team. We didn't even come close to playing to our ability. We got out-schemed on special teams. We didn't help our defense out at all in that category. We can't turn the ball over against a team like that, who plays methodical. They don't get penalties, and they don't make mistakes. It's one of those things that we have to move on from because we have another good team this week, and we have to pick it up."

On his kickoffs against KSU:

"I had a couple touchbacks. I think I had three. We ran one squib, which unfortunately bounced right to the guy. That's the problem with squibs. You don't know exactly where it's going to bounce. We did a pooch right one time and it was an awful kick on my part, so I took the blame on that one. That's the one where I tackled the guy on the 30. It was a bad kick and I set the blocks up wrong for everybody."

On West Virginia's return game:

"They're just as dangerous as Kansas State's Tyler Lockett and Tramaine Thompson. They have Tavon Austin back there and he's just as fast as those guys, so we have to come prepared and take care of business."

Wide Receiver Charlie Moore

On West Virginia's Defense:

"We're going into this game respecting their defense. We know what kind of coach Coach DeForest is and what he's capable of so we'll figure it out from there."

On Clint Chelf:

"I've had comfort in Clint from day one with what he's done in practice and I hope this week gave him some confidence because we have all the confidence in him that we need. It was awesome, it was cool to see him come in a situation like that and him getting called to play in the third quarter. For him to play like that was great."

On OSU's Offense:

"At this point, with all the different quarterbacks, we just focus on the offense as a unit, whoever's running it, we get reps with them in practice and just keep pressing on with Clint now and as an offense we're confident with whoever is back there. There is an adjustment but it's not huge."

On Injuries:

"There's a no-excuse mentality. Coaches have been great with keeping us strong and this week we're just going to use what we have and we're going to use that to the best of our ability."

Defensive Tackle James Castleman

On the Loss to Kansas State:

"Of course we were angry and everything. But we came back Sunday ready to get back to work. Everybody hurts from the loss, but we'll put it behind us and move on."

On West Virginia's Offense:

"We plan to stop the run. We'll do what we do best in stopping the run as a defensive line and we'll let everybody else take care of the pass."

On Turnovers:

"We keep trying to get turnovers as much as we can but if it's not there then we just keep playing."

Running back Joseph Randle

On Playing Against Former Coaches:

"It's going to be crazy. It hasn't really hit me yet but a lot of their coaching staff used to be here, so it's going to be fun."

On West Virginia's Defense:

"It's going to come down to match-ups and who has the better players. That defense is not the same from what they ran here. But as far as the coverages, the wide receivers should be very familiar with the stuff they are doing because our defense is like their secondary, so that's an advantage there."

On possibly being the sixth OSU back to reach the 1,000-yard mark twice:

"I thought last week was going to be the week I did it but it looks like this week is going to be the week. I should be able to get 66 yards or I'm not doing my job right."