O.S.U. Tulsa Plans For The Next 15 Years.

The O.S.U. Tulsa campus has now been a part of our city for 15-years.Before it was created Tulsa was the largest city in the country, without a major public university.It's now home to 3000 mostly non-traditional students, who often go to Tulsa Community College before turning orange.They can get any 80 different degrees from a comprehensive research university, close to home.President Howard Barnett says now that there's a solid foundation in Tulsa, they're talking about growing in ways that will be unique to this area.For example, a top field of study at the main campus, is hotel and restaurant management. Barnett says it could be a good idea to expanded it in Tulsa, as a graduate program."You couldn't do that in Stillwater because there aren't enough hotels and restaurants.But there are here."One key for the future is that the school has plenty of room to grow.It has plenty of undeveloped property and some of that land could be used for a research park.Barnett says businesses could open offices on campus and use the Helmerich Research Center."Companies could go to the next level with whatever kind of research they want from us."So it appears O.S.U. is in Tulsa for the long haul.Their new Gateway Tower will soon be lit at night, to show everyone where to find more education.It's part of a new marketing effort.O.S.U. wants to reach Tulsans of all ages, who want career changes or advancement.