Other Cases Involving Tulsa Officers

Investigating their own officers is nothing new to the Tulsa police department.

Two officers were arrested this week in connection to the death of their daughter's boyfriend.

A high-profile corruption scandal rocked the department in 2011 and since then several other officers have faced discipline or legal action.

In October 2012, Police Captain Shawn King was demoted to officer for engaging in in appropriate sexual behavior while on duty.

In 2013, Marvin Blades Jr. was convicted of armed robbery and sentenced to prison.

In April, Officer Tyrone Jenkins was charged with receiving bribes, and in May, Officer David Harrison was arrested for assault and battery.

"It doesn't matter who you are the law needs to be applied evenly to everybody," said Steve Kunzweiler, Tulsa County assistant district attorney.

"So when you're dealing with issues that are a violation of trust those are always going to be difficult."

The fraternal order of police had no comment about cases involving officers on the wrong side of the law. Earlier this week a police spokesperson said officer have to uphold the law even when it means putting handcuffs on one of their own.

"We've had arrests of our own Tulsa police officers before we have investigated those, made those arrests and those arrests and some of those individuals are now in prison," Officer Jillian Robertson said.

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