The Great Groundhog Day Storm

{}{}{}{} It could be called our Great Groundhog Day Storm. It's looking more and more like we're in for another round or two of snow on Tuesday (Groundhog Day). Of course before the snow starts we might get everything from rain to sleet, but the big story will be the snow.

{}{}{}{} The usual 1 to 3 inches of snow is possible, but I wouldn't be surprised if we got more than that. The storm will have plenty of cold air to work with as it comes out of the west/northwest towards Oklahoma. Actually it will move to our south which puts us in the cold/snowy sector of the storm.

{}{}{}{} Tuesday should start off wet, and as it gets colder the rain should briefly change to freezing rain and sleet before it becomes all snow. This will occur during the day on Tuesday. The snow line will work its way to the south by Tuesday night with the snow ending from the north/northwest by Wednesday morning.

{}{}{}{} It will stay cold enough for the snow to stay on the ground for much of next week. Readings will remain below freezing until Friday afternoon. Wind chills will be near to below zero.

{}{}{}{} This is the kind of storm that could close schools and mess up the roads. So be aware of the Great Groundhog Day Storm, and be careful.

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{}{}{}{} Thanks!

{}{}{}{} Frank Mitchell



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