Overcrowding Could Mean a New 7th Grade Center for Students

Overcrowding Means Possible Changes

Project Schoolhouse closed 13 school buildings in 2011. There was another change in 2012. Now we have learned there could also be another Project Schoolhouse #3. This could mean the creation of a 7th grade center for some North Tulsa students.

Consolidation shut down Cherokee elementary school, two years go. But there is a sign out front today, that says the building is available. We found out Cherokee is one of two options available to 7th grade students for a new 7th grade center.

McLain high school has struggled with low enrollment. Project Schoolhouse allowed 7th and 8th graders to move into a separate wing of the building. and boost enrollment. The first year of the change, McLain only expected 260 junior high school students, but received a hundred more. The second year, there were 80-more students than projected.

Now the plan is to fund a 7th grade center, moving the 7th graders out, completely. One option is using Cherokee elementary, which is down the street.

But the other option is Alcott Elementary, about a mile away, now boarded up and vacant as well.

"There is no point to go out and secure a building. We have empty facilities. We have facilities in the McLain feeder area that would be appropriate for that. Both of those facilities are highly appropriate facilities," said Dr. Keith Ballard, who says the idea has come from the McLain advisory committee.

Dr. Ballard says he will present his plan to the school board, May 20th.