Owasso City Manager Resigns

For many at city hall, the statue out front reflected the deflated feeling of what was happening in the council chambers.

"That motion passes thank you all," said Owasso mayor Doug Bonebrake, and with that, long time city manager Rodney Ray's career with the city of Owasso came to an end as the vote to accept his resignation passed 4 to 1.

"Well, certainly situations like this are never easy," said Warren Lehr, who is now interim city manager. What does he have planned for the future?

"I just have an interest in making a smooth transition and putting the city in it's best situation to continue to move forward," he said.

But for some, moving forward means digging deeper.

"We're no happy, I wouldn't call it happy, but we're pleased at the progress so far," said JB Alexander of the Owasso Taxpayer Alliance, wanting the closed door investigation that led to the resignation pushed further.

"We believe the internal investigation and the complaints from the employees, all of them, should be turned over to Tim Harris at the district attorney's office and allow the district attorney's office to review that," he said.

In the meantime, city hall has some healing to do.

"We always support each other and we push forward and we look for the silver lining," said city spokesperson Chelsea Levo.

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