Owasso City Manager Put on Administrative Leave

The City of Owasso called a special meeting in an attempt to put one of their own on administrative leave.

City Manager Rodney Ray was the target. It took about an hour for four of the city councilors to make the decision to put Ray on administrative leave effect immediately.

"Got a complaint and part of the process we needed to go through is doing an investigation," says Mayor Doug Bonebrake.

That investigation is conducted by Bonebrake. He says it should take about 30 to 45 days to complete.

Ray says he knows this is just a step the city has to take.

"Those are my friends up there but they did what they needed to do to insure that the tax payers and residents are well represented," says Ray.

He isn't worried about himself, but what the city will look like in ours eyes.

"I'm ok to stand before anybody and say that in the final analysis I will not have any issues," says Ray. "The city is going to take a hit in it's image. The city is going to take a hit in how people perceive us."

There were about fifty people in the audience and some are hoping this will mean one thing for the city.

"I don't know anything about the investigation or why it's occurring but transparency needs to be brought to the City of Owasso," says D.J. Gall, Owasso resident.

Ray will be paid throughout his leave and Bonebrake hopes the citizens understand why they are doing this.

"We are trying to do the right thing. We have had a lot of good success and we are certainly trying to maintain that success," says Bonebrake.

Warren Lehr, currently the assistant city manager will take over as the acting city manager until further notice.