Owasso Community Gardens Getting Ready for Local Gardners

The Owasso Community Gardens spent Saturday getting their plots ready for the gardening season. There are 35 4x8 plots, and Saturday was a day to get all of the plots ready to go.

Some of the families say these gardens save them a lot of money.

"Before we gardened, our weekly grocery bill was around two hundred dollars. We got it down, when we were eating from the garden in the summer, anywhere from a hundred dollars a week to one hundred fifty at most," says Chris Stephens, a local gardener.

The community gardens only charges $6 a year for the plot. Owasso Community Gardens coordinator, Melinda Foster, says the idea was to help with food insecurity in the community, and also for a way to build up the community. Foster says it's more than just planting gardens.

"It provides fresh foods fruits and some vegetables. It also gives you exercise. So, it really does help with your health and it's a good thing for people that aren't able to afford the stuff at the grocery store to be able to provide for their families," Foster says.

If you would like more information about the Owasso Community Gardens call 918-272-3903.