Owasso Councilors Embroiled in Controversies

He was out gathering signatures Monday with a billboard of a shirt shouting "Grand Jury." Ironically, someone is looking to dig deeper into councilor Patrick Ross himself.

"I've been asking him for this information for 3 weeks," said fellow city councilor Jeri Moberly, trying to determine whether or not someone has been paying some hefty legal bills for councilor Ross.

"We're talking about estimates of in excess of $10,000 on these legal bills," she said.

Matters, she says, that pertain to city issues, making who paid for them public record.

"When asked, he told me that he is paying for this himself, but he would not provide documentation regarding that," he said.

She's asked politely, filed an open records request, but so far nothing. Why should anyone care who paid his legal bills?

"There is a degree of influence there, whatever it might be, $10,000 is a degree of influence," she said.

At the meeting Tuesday night she made it all public. Ross's response?

"I don't have any response to that," he said.

Meanwhile, also causing a stir at the meeting

"He should step down, resign his post as vice mayor and city councilor," said

resident Dwight Schenk, re-igniting councilor Chris Kelley's alleged DUI stop by police.

"I made a mistake and I've owned up to that over and over again," said Kelley.

"I don't believe if I were sitting in that position that I would be given a ride home, I think I'd be given a ride to jail," said Schenk.

Does Kelley have any plans to resign?

"I feel very confident that the majority of the citizens have been supportive and that they would want me to continue in my role as vice mayor," said Kelley.

A city council under the spotlight, from every direction.

"This city of character is not what it's portrayed to be," said Schenk.