Owasso Fire Destroys Four Businesses

Firefighters in Owasso spent the morning battling a blaze that destroyed four businesses. The fire started after five a.m. In the strip mall at 76th street north and Main Street. The fire started in the southwest corner of the building and spread through the attic.

The four businesses in the strip mall are Reliable Tire Center, Owasso Boxing Club, Dolphin Pools, and Owasso Glass.

Owasso Boxing Club

"I didn't expect it to be that bad to be honest," said Sloan. "With brick walls and a brick building you don't expect it to burn like that, but it travels across the ceiling and everything falls from the top."

Down the row, at Jeremiah Walton's Reliable Tires, melted cars are left.

"There's not much of anything," said Walton. "Stuff made out of steel still looks OK, but everything in my office looks like it's gone."

Jeremiah was most worried about his dog, "Gus", inside the building.

"My dog, he was in there over an hour with it burning," said Walton. "The firemen wouldn't let anyone close to get him out. I assumed he was going to be done."

Miraculously, the dog ran out the back. He was covered in soot and scared. But Sloan came to the rescue.

"We own a dog grooming shop here, too, so we took it over and cleaned it up for them.", said Sloan.

The dog, helping unite these neighboring business owners during a devastating loss.

"We're fighters," said Sloan. "The building is burnt, but not us. We're knocked down but we're going to get back up."

Firefighters say this fire could have been even worse. The pool store had eight thousand pounds of chlorine inside that had just been delivered yesterday. Firefighters had to dilute the chlorine by flooding it with water, turning it to bleach.

The freezing temperatures caused icy conditions for firefighters. Two firefighters were treated for minor injuries caused by slipping on the ice.

Owner, Aaron Sloan, got a Facebook message this morning that his building was on fire.