Owasso May Need Another Grade School

The Owasso schools are close to capacity, so expansion plans are in the works for a 9th grade school.But it's not a process that takes place on a short term-basis.A construction project along 76th street north, is just one of the big question marks that the district has to face.A vast Macy's Distribution Center will bring in more than 1000 jobs.If it ads a few hundred families to Owasso, they will need a lot more seats in their classrooms.As a result, the district will soon start work on another bond issue.A new grade school will cost 15 to 18 million dollars and take more than 3 years to complete.The new school would be built on 20 acres of land along 129th East Ave, north of 116th Street.It would provide room for 650 students, but turning prairie grass into classrooms takes some time.The new school wouldn't be ready for until the fall of 2017.Superintendent Dr. Clark Ogilvie says he thinks the voters will support another bond issue."Typically in our bond issues you'll see a 70 to 75% passage rate, which is pretty high."Parents like Karen Cooper tell us they moved here for qualities like good schools, so they're aware that more may need to be done."If they need it I'll vote for it. I like Owasso so I'm not going anywhere else."Owasso currently has about 9,500 students and the state's 4th largest high school.It appears a big district, is going to get even bigger.