Owasso Police Clear Possible Threat at High School

Authorities in Owasso cleared the high school of a possible threat that was made Thursday.

Owasso Police were notified of the threat around 9 a.m. after being notified by school officials. It was the high school that was being investigated.

Initial reports state that a student had overheard a conversation between two other students earlier in the day. One of the two students spoke about what would happen to him if he "blew up the school.:

"Officers immediately initiated an investigation, including interviewing the witness and the parties involved in the conversation," the report described.

During their interview, the 16-year-old student confessed to making the inappropriate statements. But denied he had any intentions to carry out the act.

Officers searched the residence of the student and found no evidence that the student planned to commit a violent act. Friends of the student also were interviewed and stated he had never made any previous statements of this nature, according to the release.

After further investigation officers deemed the threat was no viable. The student was released and charges are not expected at this time.