Owasso Re-Opens Major Road, After Months of Construction

Owasso depends on visitors to come in, and spend valuable tax dollars. But the expansion of 86th street north was also needed, to accommodate the citizens from Owasso traveling to Tulsa daily for work.

There is no question that some of Owasso's cash flow, depends on traffic flow, so opening this road today was like an early Christmas gift.

Owasso dignitaries including their mayor and county leaders, cut the ribbon to open 86th street north to drivers. It was a job paved with good intentions, one that residents could not wait to see finally complete.

The road was widened from two lanes to four lanes, from Mingo to Memorial, making room for the nearly 15-thousand cars that travel this road daily.

Owasso depends on visitors to come shop, increasing the towns sales tax revenue. The four-lane road makes it easier.

Also, there could be more development, more housing divisions to join those already open.

"As we go along and start new developments, we are trying to be more considerate of things like quality of life. Trails is one thing, bike trails to go along with roads, sidewalks for pedestrian traffic," explained Mayor Doug Bonebrake.

The last details include, adding sod, along the right of way. Also, the intersection, at Memorial, will also have stoplights instead of stop signs. The road should be fully open and complete by December 31st.