Owasso Residents Clean-Up the City

More than a hundred volunteers showed up Saturday morning to help clean up Owasso. It's part of the Owasso Strong Neighborhood Initiative where there is a biannual Owasso Cares Clean up day.

The volunteers do all kinds of work including, cleaning sidewalks, mowing, allowing residents to get rid of unwanted trash, painting 100 fire hydrants, and even planting flowers along Main Street.

Jeremy Phillips and his boys, Jonathan and Jadin, were in charge of painting seven of the fire hydrants and they aren't even in their neighborhood. Phillips says they have lived in Owasso for seven years and this is the first time they have volunteered.

"It's something that the kids can do. It's not something that just adults can do. So, it doesn't require some specialized training but you can get out and use some hands and do something simple to help the community," says Phillips.

Many of the volunteers have been helping for the past three years. That's what helped land this group a state award as a park of Keep Oklahoma Beautiful. But the focus isn't on what awards they can win, but on what they are doing for the city.

"We are trying to protect from public safety and crime issues. We have seen across the United States when neighborhoods deteriorate property values go down, crimes issues come into play, and trying to be proactive and pushing that so it doesn't happen in Owasso," says Owasso Neighborhood Coordinator, Jerry Fowler.

Owasso Cares has a five year plan. They pick neighborhoods that don't already have a neighborhood association to organize a clean-up. They will have another clean up day in the fall of this year.