Owasso Residents Cleaning Up Neighborhoods

Dozens of people spent their Saturday morning giving parts of Owasso a makeover. It's been happening for three years now and is part of the Owasso Strong Neighborhood Initiative. Since Owasso Cares happens two times a year, some of the volunteers are the same, but this time 150 people stepped up to help.

"We believe our community is a great place to invest back into and our students, we are teaching them about caring for other people not just themselves," Owasso First Assembly of God Youth Pastor Kevin Norwood said.

Owasso First Assembly of God brought out 25 volunteers to paint fire hydrates, clean up trash, and do anything that was asked of them. Norwood said he would love to see 300 volunteers because giving up just three hours is not very long to help two times a year.

Since these events are growing, they are able to help more neighborhoods in a quicker amount of time.

"We are actually going to impact eight other neighborhoods today in addition to Country Estates. So, way beyond when we were planning this," neighborhood coordinator Jerry Fowler said. "Some of the neighborhoods that we may touch today might not have been on the list for a couple of times down the road from now."

Fowler said the number of volunteers just this year has exceeded the combined total of volunteers the two other years. He said part of the reason they chose the Country Estates neighborhood was because it's a new neighborhood group. Even though they have Collinsville mailing address they are still apart of the Owasso community.

Besides their usual clean up and offering free dumpsters, they did landscape projects to all the entry ways to the neighborhood and even painted some of the signs leading in. Aside from the clean-up, these events are about getting everyone involved especially the younger generation.

"What you are doing today is going to impact our community in the future because we continues to do things that make Owasso to be attractive," Fowler said.

Owasso Cares will be back out in March of next year to clean another part of the city.