Owasso Teen Ranked No. 1 In U.S. Youth Amateur Boxing

Skip Shannon, 15, trains with Owasso Boxing Club owner Aaron Sloan in the back room of C.J.'s Dog Grooming & Pet Resort

C.J.'s Dog Grooming & Pet Resort is located near 86th Street NAND Highway 169 in Owasso. The kennel is also the location of the Owasso Boxing Club ever since their training center burned down on January 7th.

It's good for 15-year-old Skip "The Cannon" Shannon. After training with club owner Aaron Sloan for close to four years, Shannon was recently ranked as the no. 1 amateur boxer in the U.S. in the 15 & 16 year-old light heavyweight division. Boxing has been a blessing to the once overweight adolescent.

"[Skip was] twelve years old, 212 pounds, and out of shape to say the least," claims head trainer Aaron Sloan. "His parents brought him in and I told them if he falls in love with it, I'll start pushing him and turn him into a champion."

Skip had previously played organized football and baseball, but it wasn't giving him enough activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Boxing has proven to be the perfect remedy for Skip, physically and psychologically.

"I've lost all this weight and I'm a better person because of it," Shannon explained. "It helps control anger, 'uprisings', and stuff like that."

Check out the featured video above to learn more about the Owasso teen's boxing journey.