Owasso Volunteers Spruce Up A Neighborhood

One local community started the morning with a clean up project. It's part of Owasso Cares, where volunteers work with the city two weekends a year sprucing up the area. The city provides all the supplies needed for these projects.

"We are trying to make a difference in our neighborhoods and our community because ultimately we want Owasso to be attractive 20 years from now as it is today," says neighborhood coordinator, Jerry Fowler.
Most of the volunteers don't even live in this neighborhood that they cleaned up and some of them say that doesn't even matter because the whole city benefits.
"When you change a persons community and where they live and you bring something to it to help it. It changes how they feel about it. It changes how they look at driving into their neighborhoods," says youth pastor, Kevin Norwood.
The Urban Soul group from Owasso First Assembly has been helping out on these projects for four years now and they never are short of volunteers.
"When you challenge kids to do something that would help others and to make a difference they are looking to do it and that's pretty awesome," says Norwood.
These volunteers gave a fresh coat of paint to every fire hydrant and spent some time painting guard rails. Others mowed fields that needed it and cleaned of grass from sidewalks. Older neighborhoods are the ones that get the help right now and the goal is to get all the city to help so that all neighborhoods will look new.
"If we have neighborhoods that deteriorate or have property values that get impacted it's going to impact us all. So the goal is getting into other neighborhoods that maybe are a little newer that have a formed neighborhood association and this is their way to give back to the community," says Fowler.
Owasso Cares always needs volunteers so if you would like to help with any of their projects. Call 918-376-1556 if you would like to help.