Owasso Woman Accused of Prostitution, Kicking Cop in Groin

Dawn Stantford

An Owasso woman is facing a prostitution complaint Monday after she reportedly proposition an undercover officer over the weekend.

Tulsa Police placed Dawn Stantford under arrest Friday evening and booked her for soliciting an act of prostitution. She was taken into custody at Clark Park, which is less than 1000 feet from Kerr Elementary School.

According to the booking report, the undercover vice officer had been in the area of 11th and Garnett when Stantford shouted at him to stop and got into his car. "She agreed to perform oral sex in exchange for $40" and instructed him to move to Clark Park.

When he told her Stantford she was under arrest, she proceeded to get out of the car and run away. The officer reportedly chased her 25-30 yards before she was placed in custody.

Additional officers were called on scene to assist in Stantford's arrest. When they escorted her back to the parking lot she proceeded to turn around and kick one of the officers in the groin.

Stantford was booked on additional resisting arrest, assault and battery on a police officer and public intoxication complaints. She is due in court next week.