Pageant Crowns Next Trio of Porter Peach Royalty

Miss Peach Blossom Hayley Bobbitt, Miss Peach Rebecca Willhite and Miss Peach Blossom Karlie Guinn, from left, after winning their crowns and titles at the 2013 Porter Peach Pageant Thursday night. COURTESY - CHRISTY WHEELAND/COWETA AMERICAN

Three young women were selected as the next trio of Peach Festival royalty in Porter at Thursday's 2013 Porter Peach Pageant.

Rebecca Willhite won the title of Miss Peach, Hayley Bobbitt was crowned Miss Peach Blosson and Karlie Guinn won the title of Miss Peach Bud.

According to a report from the Coweta American, Tulsa's Channel 8's community newspaper partner, the three winners were crowned following an evening of pageantry that included a parade of costumes from different nations, a formal wear competition and on-stage questions.

In the Miss Peach contest, Sabrina Dillingham was named first runner-up. Willhite won the Miss Congeniality award.

In the Miss Peach Blossom contest, Brittany Brandon was named first runner-up. Bobbitt won the Miss Congeniality award.

In the Miss Peach Bud contest, Madilynn Glass was the first runner-up.

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