Pageant Empowers Girls With Disabilities

Girls with disabilities from age 5-35 competed in Oklahoma's "Miss Amazing" pageant Saturday.

It's the first year the program has been in the state.

About 23 contestants competed in six categories, including evening wear.

Leaders brought the pageant to the state to help the girls with leadership and confidence.

"Our motto is, 'I'm confident, I am Able and I am amazing,'" says state director Annette Loose. "Their disability doesn't define them, they define their disability, and so we want our girls to go away knowing that they're just as amazing, confident and able as any girl their age," Loose says.

Her daughter, Kaite, helps coordinate the pageant.

Winners go on to compete in the national pageant in Nebraska this summer.

The contestants collected and donated food to a pantry in Owasso.