Palin, Other Republican Leaders Visit Tulsa for Shannon Rally

Former Oklahoma House Speaker T.W. Shannon

A crowd of hundreds packed the Green Country Event Center in Tulsa for a 'Liberty Rally' in support of republican U.S. senate candidate, T.W. Shannon. High profile republicans, including former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, and Senator Mike Lee of Utah were in attendance.

As the supporters rolled into the parking lot, one by one, volunteers like Stephen Moore were in place, keeping things moving and doing his part to get his candidate elected. "I'm hoping we can build some enthusiasm, support, and I think he's getting some support from folks like Ted Cruz -- I think that'll help," Moore said.

Inside the Green Country Event Center, hundreds of supporters and fans packed the floor, showing plenty of enthusiasm.

"What's exciting about tonight -- it's proof that conservatives across the state, across the nation, are uniting to say, 'We're tired of the Washington, D.C. establishment," T.W. Shannon told KTUL inside the busy event hall.

The former Oklahoma Speaker of the House and Lawton native welcomed speakers with no problem working up a crowd. Among them -- the former governor of Alaska, not holding back on her trademark style. "Man, Washington D.C. needs some Oklahoma Thunder coming storming on through to clean up the place and clean it out!," Palin said to a cheering crowd.

While her celebrity status was undoubtedly a major draw for the event, Governor Palin's handlers told KTUL, she was not conducting media interviews.

But, the candidate accepting her support Thursday, said he was excited about the support he has, going into the election. "I think the endorsements from conservative leaders like this means that they've looked at my record, they know that we share the same values, and they know I'm the kind of leader that will go to Washington and push back against the establishment," Shannon said.

Shannon is running for the seat, soon-to-be vacated by republican Senator Tom Coburn, who is battling cancer and stepping away from the senate, two years early.

Polls show Shannon's republican opponent, James Lankford, ahead in likely support.

The republican primary will be held on June 24.

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