Parent Says 7-Year-Old Left Behind at Summer School

Dan Jacober's 7-year-old daughter made it to her first day of summer school at Skelly Elementary School, but the day did not go as planned.

"The bus arrived and my daughter was not on it. She was supposed to be on it and at that point, we were on the phone with Skelly and they had no record of her even being there," said Jacober.

He says he just wanted his daughter to take advantage of the opportunity to attend summer school this year. But, on the very first day, what Tulsa Public Schools called a glitch in the system, led to panic for him and his family.

"How do you lose a kid for three hours when she is there at the school, but nobody knew?," he said.

Jacober's daughter attends Lanier Elementary during the regular academic year. She insisted on riding the bus to be taken to summer school at Skelly, but once she got to that campus, there was some confusion.

Tulsa Public Schools tells Tulsa's Channel 8, Jacober's daughter went to the wrong class and, therefore, was not counted as present. They say there was never a point where the girl was left unaccompanied.

"From the start to finish, the bus ride, um, the letter that they sent me saying that she was enrolled, from when the bus ride was supposed to be back at the school, none of it was right," Jacober said.

Jacober says TPS' account of what happened does not match up with his and that the situation is not something he will be forgetting, any time soon.

"Uh, to blame? -- Tulsa Public Schools," Jacoby said.

Jacober says he has been looking into putting his daughter into private school or home school -- even taking on a second job if necessary -- to pay for it.

TPS says the incident was a series of small mix-ups that led to the girl missing her bus, but that she was always safe and under the school's care and supervision.