Parent Says Swatting Went Too Far

The District Attorney's Office in Mayes County is investigating a swatting incident. It took place at a Salina Elementary School.. The student's parent says the swatting went too far.

That mother spoke only to Channel 8.

"You could see the whole shape of the wooden paddle on his bottom," the parent said.

The parent who we wont identify to protect her child's identity said she now regrets giving her son's school permission to swat him for misbehaving.

"His whole bottom was welted red with black and blue already showing up around the welts from the wooden paddle."

According to a incident report from the Salina Police Department a teacher swatted the boy twice after he called another student fat. The parent said her 10- year -old son has been swatted before,e but has never come back with bruising like this.

"I had an experience with it before and it was ok. "

On Wednesday we reached out to Salina Public Schools and we received this statement from Superintendent Tony Thomas.

"When allegations are brought to the attention of the school administration a thorough investigation is always completed. Because this is a confidential personnel and student matter, we cannot comment on this matter any further," Thomas said.

Since the incident, the mother has spoken to officers and addressed the issue at a school board meeting.

"Something needs to be done. Something needs to be done about it."

The Salina Police Department investigated the incident and handed it over to the District Attorney's Office in Mayes County. Prosecutors refused to comment on the case because it's under investigation.