Parents Arrested after Alleged Beating of 15-Year-Old

Two parents are behind bars on child abuse complaints after the alleged beating of the father's juvenile daughter.

Timothy Long's 15-year-old daughter said he and his new wife Victoria Long beat her while making sure her 17-year-old brother could not interfere.

Broken Arrow Police were alerted to the situation by a neighbor who reportedly heard a female's cry for help from the residence.

Timothy Long had been drinking and taking his prescribed Xanax when he had his wife hold back the daughter by the bun of her hair while slapped and punched her, the report said. Both parents were also allegedly responsible for other assaults, one involving her head being slammed into a wall.

The daughter tried to escape at one point, but she was pulled back inside and reportedly beaten while her brother was forcibly contained in his room.

She was eventually able to escape the house. Broken Arrow Police said they found the children sheltering with a neighbor.

The parents said they were disciplining the victim. Both are being held on $50,000 bond.

The report also said that the 15-year-old daughter does not have a room in the home and sleeps on the couch.