Parents Arrested After Maintenance Man Discovers Child in Closet

Two parents were taken into custody Tuesday morning for allegedly leaving their three-year-old child locked up in a closet.

Police arrested Melissa and Daren Nashburn for child neglect. Both were located at the apartment complex where the alleged incident took place.

Booking information states that the apartment maintenance man discovered the child when he came into the residence for schedule repairs. He stated that he observed a bench placed against the closet door.

"He found [the] 3-year-old female inside the closet," the booking report described. "He opened the door and helped the young girl out and called 911."

When police questioned Daren he told them that the young girl had been throwing things so he put her in the closet. He went to sleep and left her inside.

"The child was inside the closet for about 6 hours. The home is nasty with trash on floors," the arrest report described. Upon further questioning Daren added that the closet is used as a "time out" location.

Authorities took all three children into protective custody during the arrest.