Parents Arrested for Abuse After Child Reported in Critical Condition

Elizabeth Pester

Two parents were arrested on alleged child abuse charges this week while their child is in critical condition in an area hospital.

Tulsa Police placed Mark Knapp and Elizabeth Pester under arrested and booked them on one complaint of child abuse. They were taken into custody Tuesday evening at their residence in south Tulsa.

According to the booking report, a Department of Human Services employee notified TPD' Child Crisis Unit that Knapp and Pester's 3-year-old was in a Tulsa hospital in critical condition. Records indicate the child had been in DHS custody and was returned to the parents last year.

"The child was to have weekly weight checks every week," the incident report stated.

DHS official stated the child was hospitalized in 2012 and on Oct. 8 of this year. At the time the child reportedly weight 13 pounds.

"There's always much more to the story, but DHS is not at liberty to discuss the details of the case. Situations sometimes occur where parents may try to elude DHS or will not cooperate," Mark Beutler, DHS spokesperson said in a statement. "We do take our responsibility to monitor a child's safety very seriously. Parents, however, are also responsible for the safety and proper care of their children."

According to the booking report, both parents were notified that the child was in the hospital. Pester reportedly told a hospital employee that she would not be back to the hospital until Thursday. Both live three miles from the hospital.

TPD officer arrested both at their apartment and placed them in the Tulsa County Jail.