What You Can Do if Your Child's School Got an F

With nearly half the schools in Tulsa Public Schools failing, parents now have options.

Students at failing schools will have the chance to transfer to better performing schools. The failing schools will fall under the Priority designation.

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Those schools will have to come up with a plan for improvement with the State of Oklahoma. But there are no set guidelines, nor penalties if they don't meet new expectations.

With 36 schools, with "F" grades soon to be on the priority list, administrators are concerned about placement. They know it could be challenging finding places for students who want a change. "If we have a school that may be a high achieving school, our high performing school, but they are at 100 percent capacity, then we can't offer that school as an option," explained Chris Johnson who oversees testing and transfers for Tulsa Public Schools.For parents interested in transferring students, they could receive a letter in the next two week. But students may not start at the schools of their choice, until January.