Parents Lobby Legislators for More School Funding

The lawmakers were front and center facing an audience in agreement with the slogan on the screen, 49th is not OK when it comes to school funding. But where will additional money come from?

"I think that's a very good question and that's one that the legislators are constantly talking about," said Rep. Jadine Nollan.

"The money's there, it depends on how you prioritize and value education," said Rep. Jeannie McDaniel.

"There's money that's going to companies, taxpayer dollars that are going to companies that are sending jobs overseas. We're giving tax credits to companies that really don't need it, and we could be investing that money back into public education," said Rep. Eric Proctor.

In the audience along with parents, administrators enthused to hear support for education.

"I think it's exciting to know that they will listen," said Broken Arrow Superintendent Jarod Mendenhall, optimistic that forums such as this could equate to more money for the classroom.

"You know, I think if the general public gets involved I think a real high reason, there would be a lot of reasons for that to happen," he said.

A public, that according to Rep. McDaniel, has already been expressing itself as pro education.

"We don't want to cut taxes, we want to make sure our kids and our grand kids have the best possible schooling they can have to be the best they can be," she said.