Parents Plan a Grassroots Effort to Get School Funding

As lawmakers head back to the capitol, parents are preparing to lobby for more school funding. Since 2008 schools have been taking cuts that have resulted in a 250 million dollar loss, statewide.

For Tulsa that has meant a 22 million dollar loss and has forced cutbacks in programs and led to oversized classes. Tulsa Public Schools is operating with less money now, than the district had in 2008.

If that doesn't change, administrators say Tulsa could lose more teachers, creating larger classrooms.

Donors gave 1.8 million dollars to provide 45 teachers last year. But that was a one time gift--according to Dr. Keith Ballard, Superintendent.

Parents are getting involved and expect to be a strong force,lobbying lawmakers asking them to give more funds to education.

The 49th Is Not Ok, group is one group carrying a message that Oklahoma needs improvement.

"In order for Oklahoma to grow for the economy and for the state, we must educate our children," said parent and organizer Marlow Perkins Sipes. "In order for our crime rates to decrease, our children must be educated."

Last school year community benefactors donated money. Dr Ballard says he won't ask them again.