Hundreds Leave Classes After Reported Gun Threat; Officials Ask for Trust

Sand Springs School District officials told Channel 8 parents pulled about 420 students from classes after the first few school periods Friday. It was over concern of an alleged gun threat.

"There was a need to investigate an accusation of something that was overheard in the hallway by a student from another student," said Assistant Superintendent Lonetta Sprague.

Reportedly, the student heard something Thursday about bringing a gun to school. Officials investigated the issue and did not deem this instance to be a threat worthy of a lock down.

"That was not necessary at all," said Sprague.

School officials were caught off-guard when rumors of this threat led hundreds of parents to pull their children from classes Friday.

The school called parents with an automated message saying the school was not in lock down.

Sprague said school threats are more common than people realize. They are always investigated. They said every concern is legitimate.

"The public pays professionals to look at the situation, evaluate it, and make their best judgement, but there are no guarantees," said Deputy Police Chief Mike Carter. He has children that attend Clyde Boyd Middle School. He said he felt safe enough sending his children to school Friday.

Police tell Channel 8 jokes or threats about school shootings can result in criminal charges. Some threats can lead to felonies. Police do not know which student allegedly made the comment about Clyde Boyd.