Parents Taken into Custody After Child Found Dead in Tahlequah

Tahlequah authorities are continuing their investigation Wednesday into the death of child reportedly strangled or suffocated.

Officers with the Tahlequah Police Department received word of crime and were called to the Stepping Stone Rooming House on East Chickasaw Street. At the scene emergency responders discovered a small child who they believed had died due to "suspicious circumstances."

According to a statement from TPD, homicide detectives were called on scene and made the move to arrest the parents on suspicion of murder. Police Chief King stated that an initial investigation has determined the child was either strangled or suffocated.

"You know you're dealing with a heinous crime when veteran police officers are shedding tears over a situation," King added.

Officials with the Oklahoma Medical Examiners Officer will conduct an autopsy to confirm the child's exact cause of death. Detectives will continue their investigation.

Anyone with information regarding this case should call 918-456-8801.