Parking With A Purpose - Oktoberfest Fundraisers

Most people can't wait to get under those tents and shout, "Oy, oy, oy!" over and over.

But a couple hundred years away, Stefani Ledoux is busy shouting her own repetitive chorus.

"5 dollars, we have space if you need it!"

A PTA mom, she's been out here every day, raising money $5 bucks at a time.

"Thank you so much for supporting our school. "What school?" asked a driver. "Eugene Field elementary. We do the fundraising so our children don't have to," she said.

Meanwhile, just across the street...

"$5 dollars!"

19 year-old Dwayne Jackson and company are raising money for the West Mabee Boys and Girls club. A place where character and imaginations can flourish. (Just ask about their undefeated basketball team.)

"Never lost a game," said one boy. "Oh we've lost games," corrected another.

But they've gained a whole lot of hope. Dwayne staring coming here when he was 12 after his family relocated from Hurricane Katrina.

"Coming here, it brought a lot of like to me, like that's not the right thing to do, you want to go to school, you want to do good things with yourself, do something constructive with your time," he said.

Parking lots with purpose. Sure the walks a little longer, but the mileage from your money will have you smiling the whole way.

"I had a man he paid us $20 to park in our lot, because we were the PTA, because we were fundraising for the children," said Stefani.