Part Four of Sports Illustrated Piece on OSU Football Released: "The Sex"

The fourth part of Sports Illustrated five-part piece about Oklahoma State, called "The Sex," was released Friday a bit late on Friday morning, casting more arrows at the school's football program and former players.

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Previous articles have delved into alleged academic misconduct, payments to players, and widespread drug use by former players. According to the publication, this piece "examines transgressions that took place within the Oklahoma State football program from 2000-2011."

The article was expected to be released around 8 a.m. Friday, but came out just after 11:40 a.m.

Following rumors of reporter Thayer Evans' firing, Sports Illustrated tweeted this: Official Statement: Rumors of any SI editorial staff changes are inaccurate.

The fourth installment begins with a recruit who SI said is on the record, but not being named to protect the identities of the two women involved, speaking about having sex with two members of the Orange Pride.

That group is made up of female undergrads as part of an "organization that donates their time and efforts to assist with Recruiting for Oklahoma State and the Football Program."

The magazine states that more than a dozen Cowboys who played from 2001 to 2011 told SI that a small number of Orange Pride members "had sexual relations with them or with other prospects during recruiting visits."

The article also states that the former hostesses that spoke with SI said the vast majority of them did not have sex with recruits. The article goes on to say, "But for those who did, it proved to be an effective inducement."

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OSU has notified the NCAA and launched its own investigation.

Sports Illustrated claims to have investigated the story over a 10-month period, interviewing dozens of former players and officials.

Several of the men quoted in the articles have come out against the statements made.

The final part, expected to be released on Sept. 17th, is called "The Fallout."

The magazine plans to look into how OSU's program has affected ex-players, stating "Some have been incarcerated, others live on the streets, many have battled drug abuse, and a few have attempted suicide."