No Threat Found at OSU

Students returned to quieter campus after an Oklahoma State Facility was evacuated Thursday morning.

Students were made aware of the possible threat before 10 a.m. A post on the school's website said "The OSU Multimodal is being evacuated as a precautionary measure. During this time the public is being asked to stay away from both the Multimodal and Monroe street parking garage."

Evacuations began after the university received a call of a possible bomb threat.

Around noon campus officials announced they had searched both facilities and no threat was found. Troopers from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol were brought in to do an additional search of the building.

Drug dogs and a bomb squad cleared the campus after noon. Students were allowed back in with escorts to get their cars.

The Mulitmodal is a transportation hub for the campus buses and the bus that comes from Tulsa.

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