Part Two of Sports Illustrated Article Reveals Academic Misconduct at OSU

Sports Illustrated released another report Wednesday morning focusing on alleged academic misconduct by players and officials at Oklahoma State University.

Part two of the series, titled "The Academics," stated that 13 Cowboys who played between 2001 to 2011 told the publication that they participated in some sort of academic misconduct.

That misconduct, the magazine writes, ranged from tutors or university staff completing students' coursework, answers to exams, and grades given for work they didn't do.

According to SI, four players and two former assistants told the magazine that they had teammates "they believed were functionally illiterate even after attending school for multiple years."

Former coach Les Miles denied de-emphasizing academics while at Oklahoma State, the magazine states.

Part one, titled "The Money," stated that boosters and assistant coaches allegedly handed out tens of thousands of dollars to players for at least a decade as the program grew into a national power.

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Eight players told SI they received cash, while 29 others were named by teammates as taking money. Oklahoma State said it has notified the NCAA about the report and launched its own investigation.