Parts Of Tulsa Could Use A Pick Me Up

Parts of Tulsa could use a pick me up. A brand new development in North Tulsa is already battling trash.

This is one of the gateway's that welcome people to Tulsa off Highway 75. It's one of the food and fuel stops but if you look closely what you'll also find is trash.

From aluminum cans to paper and other discarded items. None of it belongs on the ground and especially at this brand new shopping center in north Tulsa.

"Oh yeah, yeah."

Anthony Samilton and his wife opened Paradise Donuts and Java Dave's Coffee House....but outside what's brewing is a trash problem.

"About 3 to 5 times a day I come outside and sweep and pick up trash, It's not trash from our building it's trash from parking lots adjacent," says Samilton.

Wherever it came from it's clear that someone needs to picked up. Why can't that someone be me.

"If I asked you to help me pick it up would you, yes, would you help me now, okay, c'mon," asks Yvonne.

I stopped Gabriel on a bike and made it a teaching moment.

"And just when you see it let's just pick it up and maybe you can get some of your friends. Hey can you come over here and help us pick it up too, please? asks Yvonne.

At least two and a half a months open and it's more than new businesses moving in

"How tall is that weed there...oh!. I don't know it's pretty tall though. Is it tall as you?. Dang. Comes to my shoulders.

Whether it's weeds or trash, neither belongs

"I came here to be a help to the community and to offer jobs to some of the people who live over here and be a help to the community," says Samilton.

And is this how the businesses who believe in North Tulsa are repaid?

"Just want to help other people out so if the people that are throwing the trash would help us out by cleaning up after themselves we'd all be helping somebody out,"adds Samilton.

Whether you live in Tulsa or are passing through shouldn't the gateway to Tulsa leave a lasting and trash free impression?