"Pass Out Game:" Parent Speaks Out After Incident at Junior High

A parent is urging others to talk to their children after faculty caught students playing "the pass out game" at East Central Junior High School Wednesday.

"He told me that he was approached to do the same thing," said mother Kristina Joseph. She said students approached her son, 13, to play the dangerous game in the bathroom, but he said no.

The pass out game is a potentially fatal activity, where friends help each other pass out by covering noses and holding down chests. It is said to produce a brief high.

Joseph's daughter committed suicide at age 13, so she said her son knows the danger of such activities.

Tulsa Public Schools said the East Central Junior High School principal issued an announcement to the student body, warning that students caught playing the pass out game will be suspended for 10 days. If students are caught a second time, they will be suspended for the rest of the school year. However, the school did not send home a notice to parents, which upset Joseph.

"It kind of alarmed me, because I need other parents to know before it happens to their child," said Joseph.

The school is limiting the number of bathrooms available during lunchtime, when students might be more likely to play the game.

TPS said the pass out game is a trend that reappears periodically.

A counselor with Family and Children's Services told Channel 8 it is important for parents to advocate for their children in schools. She said parents need to also open lines of communication with their children well before the teenage years when dangerous activities are likely to become available.

According to an article in The Observer, the pass out game kills between 25 and 1,000 young people each year in America.