Past Serial Rape Cases Help Police in Current Investigation

Tulsa Police are using experience from old serial rape cases, to help find a man, terrorizing midtown women.

Some of the same detectives who worked on cases in 2012 and 2006 are now working together to find the serial rapist of today. So far, the current suspect has sexually assaulted six women. Police arrested Willis McPherson, for raping a jogger along a Lafortune Park trail and for raping an acquaintance, within four days of each attack. That was in 2012, along with the arrest of Michael Ray Harris, who raped a woman behind a restaurant. Once he was in custody, police linked him to four other abduction style sexual assaults.

Police searched five years to find Gary Graham, a serial rapist arrested in 2006. He was guilty of raping more than a dozen females including a two year old, 40 charges of assault, kidnapping, molestation and rape. He is serving two consecutive life terms.

Police will use what they have learned to profile the current attacker and identify trends, to finally end his rampage. So far, the serial rapist has attacked 6 women in Tulsa