Pasta - Ricotta Ravioli

      6 each ricotta raviolis

      1/4 tsp garlic, minced

      pinch chili flakes

      3 oz. broccolini, blanched

      1 Tbsp olive oil

      2 Tbsp cherry tomatoes, cut in half

      1 Tbsp toasted pine nuts

      3 Tbsp basil vinaigrette

      1 Tbsp parmesan, grates

      • drop the raviolis into the pasta cooker with salted water.
      • saute garlic, chili flakes, and broccolini in olive oil over medium heat.
      • add tomatoes and pine nuts to the pan mixing to incorporate
      • in a separate pan, warm basil vinaigrette over low heat.
      • one the raviolis float to the top of the water, drain well and transfer to the pan with the basil vinaigrette and toss with parmesan.
      • arrange the raviolis on the plate.
      • top raviolis with broccolini ragout.