Pastor And Wife Reunited With Daughter 42 Years Later

It was the year of SESAME STREET and the first walk on the moon. The year was 1969. It was also when a teen mom agreed to put her newborn up for adoption.{} 42 years have passed and now a family is celebrating being reunited. At Full Gospel Family Outreach church, everyone is like family so naturally they share things. "I hadn't even been here a year before I heard the story," says Jessie King, church member.It went something like this, As teenagers the pastor and his girlfriend had a baby who was given up for adoption. Later the couple married and as families sometimes do...they prayed."A lot of prayers asking God to let me see her before I leave this earth," says Bishop Harold Jones, father and pastor."And I began praying even then I began praying that the Lord would reveal her whereabouts, says Jessie King, church member.42 years of searching would come to an end with a phone call."When he said I found a match I found your daughter it was really overwhelming all I could do was really just cry, says mother Lonzetta Jones.Jones was longing to see her daughter, to hear her voice."She was walking around in walmart and I told her I wasn't this calm I told her I was her mother "" I'm walking in circles talking to her and talking to her,"says Murphy."And she told me she had been waiting on this call, says Jones.Perhaps most surprising was that their parents married."I was amazed that they stuck it out, are still together and look at them now the way they've gotten their lives together now and I'm just amazed I never thought it would turn out this way, says daughter Tonya Murphy."You know you pray so long, sometime people think it's a period in your life when its really just a comma, says Bishop Jones.{}And for the Jones's the beginning of a new chapter. {}{}{} "Hang on in there, knowing that tomorrow can be your day, says brother Charles Jones.