Patient of Dr. Harrington Coming Forward to Describe What the Office was Like

Another patient of Dr. W. Scott Harrington has come forward to tell us more about his office practice while she was his patient.

Claremore resident, Linda Grimm, has seen Dr. Harrington twice since 2008. Grimm said after the first visit she would never go back, but she did go back on February 28th of this year. Both visits were at the Owasso office.{}

"It was a strange visit. I was asked to come back to a room, the girl took me back to the room, it was very sparse, I think there might have been a tray with equipment but it was covered," says Grimm.

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Grimm says that's when the doctor came in talked to her for a bit and she was off to another room that was much darker. In that room, she didn't see any tools at all. She says her husband wasn't allowed in the back rooms with her and once your surgery was done, they were ushered out the back door. She also mentioned that she never really saw any other patients while in the office in February.{}

Grimm says she has multiple sclerosis and is about to undergo another surgery so she can't believe this is happening right now.

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"That can't be possible. I have too many things going on here to be able to fight something like that going on," says Grimm.{}

She now just wishes she would have gone with her hesitations about Dr. Harrington because she says he wasn't professional on her first visit.{}

"I should have just acted on those intrusions and those things that caused the hair to stand up on the back of your neck," says Grimm.{}