Patients at Risk of HIV, Hepatitis; Dental Patient Speaks Out

Channel 8 sat down with a man who is one of the approximately 7,000 dental patients potentially exposed to HIV and Hepatitis.

Dillon Waters, 24, got his wisdom teeth removed at Dr. Scott Harrington's practice two months ago. He heard the news at work Thursday, that the doctor's patients could have been exposed to HIV and Hepatitis B and C.

"If the test ends up being positive, what could happen?" asked Waters.

He said he called his doctor to set up an immediate test. Waters does not want to wait to receive a letter from the Health Department about the need to be tested.

Read the full complaint against Dr. Harrington here.

"When I first met him, you know, I didn't think anything of it," said Waters.

Waters said the oral surgeon came recommended. He did not think to inquire about the cleanliness of the doctor's tools. However, after this news, he said he plans to ask more questions at doctors' offices.

"It's definitely going to affect the way I look at the healthcare system, especially dentistry, as a whole," said Waters.