Pawhuska City Attorney On Leave Following DUI Case

The Pawhuska Police Department released video showing what happened after an officer responded to a crash involving City Attorney Jess Worten.

According to the police report, Worten was attempting to leave his driveway, lost control and wrecked into a neighbor's yard.

The video shows a conversation between Pawhuska's city manager and the officer.

The officer says Worten appears "hammered" and asks what to do.

"Take him to the PD. Keep him down there until Cathy shows up or he sobers up," the city manager says on the video.

Cathy is Worten's wife. It's the appearance of special treatment that angers people like Keith Blanchard.

"They shouldn't treat the bigwigs any better than they do us," Blanchard said.

Blanchard has been arrested for DUI and says he did not get the same treatment.

"I'd end up in jail again. I'd have to pay all the fines again. Be the same crap I was the last time," says Blanchard.

Worten has taken a leave of absence for two months.