Pearl District Buzzing with Newness

As name's go, it fits perfectly as a description of the neighborhood.

"Things are happening in this area," said Blake Ewing.

The area of 6th and Peoria where the Phoenix's buzz has people checking out the funky lighting, the unique use of books, the adventurous sandwich names. All of it an example of local bravado challenging traditional corporate sensibilities.

"You wouldn't see a Panera bread at 6th and Peoria because it wouldn't meet their demographic requirements, but I believe in using a business to help bring an area to life, and I believe that if you do something truly unique, and truly attractional, that people will find you . They'll want to drive that extra mile," he said. That sounds like, if you build it they will come. "I believe that. I believe that if you build it they will come," he said.

A philosophy obviously shared by the T-shirt "Tulsa The New Hotness," which is being sold at Made, the new shop across the street featuring hand made Okie items.

"It's a cool area, it's been neglected for years and now there's this new renewed energy here," said Thom Crowe.

It's an energy being felt by Vanessa Somerville just a few doors down.

"It's starting to snowball," she said.

She opened Lot No. 6 art bar nearly a year and a half ago, but still gets that hidden treasure reaction from folks unaware of the Pearl District.

"I still have plenty of people that come in and ask me how long I've been here, and I tell them, and they're shocked," she said.

A shock that's now somewhat mutual from the new guys on the block.

"We're getting real young hip crowd here that uh, we were kind of surprised," said Crowe.

The revamp of Pearl. A T-town destination of easy to get lost in Okieness, whether it's at Made, or Lot No. 6, or the uniqueness of the Phoenix.

"Tell your friends, come on down," smiled Somerville.